Advanced Dry Crop Finisher

Maestro is a FINISHER for many reasons, one being with the fully adjustable & dialable speed rate, (from 0.1 all the way up to 30 rpms), this is variable and will call for different cleaning rates/speeds, depending on product density. Also included in this definition is the fact we have developed a "patent pending" smart cinch, which allows for different adjustment/tension rates of how the "smart cinch" comes into contact with the barrel, all of these are what make the Maestro4000 a finisher, and leaves minimal re-work to be required.

What’s Included?

(1) Mainframe with integral controller

(1) Removable drum cover

(1) Type 1 trimming drum with end covers

(1) Type A trimming cinch (blade)

(1) 16 ft 3 prong 120VAC power cord

(1) Pack spare fuses

(1) Pack spare filters

(1) Stainless steel cleaning brush



Raw Batch Capacity

Maximum 2.5 cubic feet (18 us gallons); no minimum.

Processed Batch Output

Typically up to 5 pounds of finished product; no minimum.

Batch Process Time

Typically 15-20 minutes.

Operating Noise Level

Less than 55 dB (similar to a clothes dryer).

Trim Adjustment

User-adjustable cinch-to-drum pressure for desired trim length.

Speed Control

Digital dial adjustment 10-30 RPM with 0.1 RPM increments.

Timer Control

Digital preset 1-60 minutes with 1 minute increments.

16,000,000 delicate cuts per hour.



Input Voltage

120VAC from 3-prong (grounded) power cord Power Consumption - 15W typical; 60W under max load; no surge currents.


All stainless steel and food-grade high performance plastics.

Physical Weight

135 Pounds; ships in 2 boxes via UPS and FexEx Ground.


Four heavy duty retracting carrying handles for transport and tie-down.


61.0” Long x 33.5” High x 24.2 Deep.



Operator Controls

Emergency stop; motor speed/direction’ timer set/start/stop.


Power (standby); Online (motor enabled); Interlock tripped.


Operator key; drum cover; front trimmings tray access door.

Lab tested. Download industry changing results now.



See how the MAESTRO can compliment your business. Our team is able and willing come visit you for demonstration provided the qualifications are met. Call us for a consultation at 855-379-2767.

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